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Applied research, surveys and monitoring

You are designing a survey, requiring a cost-efficient monitoring system for habitat and fish communities or developing applied research to promote sustainable management (e.g. function of marine protected areas or networks thereof)? twoFish Marine Consulting possesses sound experience therein and will support your needs (including data management and analysis with target audience tailored reporting).

Establishment and management of marine protected areas (MPAs)

Planning, implementation and management of MPAs is highly complex. A sound understanding of ecological processes, political systems and local legislation are indispensable for the establishment of successful and sustainable MPAs. This is just what twoFish Marine Consulting offers you, including facilitation of participatory planning and project implementation in divers political and cultural environments.

Planning and project management

Professional and successful planning and project management requires a wide experience, a good overview and well-structured approach. Hereby twoFish Marine Consulting can support you with international and inter- organisational experience, particularly with interdisciplinary and integrated concepts (e.g. integrated coastal zone management, ecosystem based management).

So why do you want to work with twoFish Marine Consulting?

  • I offer 13 years of international and successful work as well as project-experience in research and management in Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Philippines.

  • My wide, cross-sectorial network of professional expertise and cooperation partners complements my personal experience.

  • twoFish Marine Consulting is highly flexible and competitive thanks to an efficient organisational structure.

  • twoFish Marine Consulting is strongly results-oriented and enjoys working with you to achieve efficient and sustainable outcomes within given financial and time frames!

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